Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Tissue Engineering

BME 49500 / 3 Cr.

This is a senior undergraduate level Tissue Engineering class that focuses on the basic principles of tissue engineering, including cell sources, influence of soluble and immobilized cues in tissue morphogenesis, matrix/scaffold preparation and characterizations, as well as the integration of the abovementioned components for the goal of assisting tissue regeneration, replacing lost tissues, or restoring tissue functions.


Tissue Engineering (Bernhard Palsson and Sangeeta Bhatia. PEARSON Education, Inc. 1st Ed. 2004)

  • To become familiar with tissue engineering fundamentals including cell sources, processing of scaffolding materials, integration at cell-material interfaces, mechanisms of incorporation and release of biologics, engineered culture environments, and host-transplant integration.
  • To gain understanding of the basic biological principles and physiological phenomena underlying cellular regulation during development, homeostasis, wound healing, and regeneration.
  • To provide each student the opportunity to evaluate cutting-edge tissue engineering research.
  • To offer students opportunity in technical presentation with selected tissue engineering topics.
  1. Class participation   10%
  2. Assignment             10%                                                    
  3. Quiz                        40%
  4. Journal Club            20%
  5. Final                       20%