Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

MS in Technology - CIT

Degree Requirements

Total Credit Hours

All students must complete a total of 33 credit hours approved by the advisory committee. Undergraduate courses and Pass/No-Pass grades are not permitted on the Master's plan of study.

Breadth Requirement

Core courses are the same for all MS Tech degrees. These breadth core courses cover material essential to the respective MS Tech graduate study area.  Students must successfully complete these three MS Tech core courses:

  • TECH 50700 Measurement and Evaluation in Industry and Technology
  • TECH 50800 Quality and Productivity in Industry and Technology
  • TECH 58100 Project Management

Focus Area

The focus subject area must  be chosen from one of the below.  

Depth Requirement

Students must successfully complete 9 - 15 credit hours in the focus area they have declared.  Refer to the subject area pages for details.


Students may complete 9 - 15  credit hours of electives, depending on their focus area and approved by their advisory committee.

Degree Options

The Computer and Information Technology offers two options for the MS TECH degree.

  • Course-only Option - All 33 graduate credits will be generated from coursework.  
  • Directed Project Option - 3 of the 33 graduate credits will be earned through the completion of a directed-project.  The remaining 30 graduate credits will come from coursework.

Course Information

See the CIT Graduate Course Rotation and CIT Graduate Course Descriptions for more information.

Research Opportunity

Research is not required for the master's degree but is highly encouraged, and may be used in place of the Directed Project or as an elective.  For students on the course-only option, research credit can be earned through TECH 58100 Independent Study. Students following the Directed Project option may earn up to 6 hours of research credit.