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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?
Once you decide you want to pursue a CIT certificate, please contact the listed Certificate Coordinator to begin the necessary paperwork to ensure the certificate designation appears on your transcript.

If you are already an IUPUI student, begin by visiting OneStart to find out when the required courses are available. Then, register for the courses that you are interested in as you would any other course offered at IUPUI. For detailed information about registering for a course, visit the page on how to register at IUPUI.

If you are NOT an IUPUI student: visit the page on how to apply for Undergraduate Admission for detailed information about applying to IUPUI. After you are admitted, follow directions in the paragraph above.

Can I take courses at my own pace?
The structure of each certificate allows for a great deal of flexibility as to when and where each course can be taken. Each course will have a set of assignments and due dates that will help pace you through the material.

Do I have to go to campus to take the required courses?
The IT Certificate for Web Development can be completed 100% online. All of the course material can be accessed at the student's convenience. Each course will have individual due dates for assignments but students can determine their own pace for completing assignments by the assigned date. Hardware and software requirements for the courses are basic and should allow most students to take courses from home, work, or campus. Your professor will provide specific details about hardware and software requirements for the course if they vary from the minimum requirements.

The courses in the Network Security Certificate are offered on campus only as they require access to our secure networking lab.

How quickly can I complete a Certificate Program?
Some of the courses must be taken in sequence, but there are several opportunities to double up on courses within a semester. Fast trackers can complete program a certificate program in three semesters. We also accommodate individuals who want to take a slightly slower pace through the program.

Will I need a computer at home?
You will need access to a computer with a Web browser to electronically receive instructional materials and library resources as well as to interact with classmates. If you do not have a computer at home or work, you may use the computer labs on the IUPUI campus. Minimum suggested system requirements can be found at

What kind of materials will I need?
A web-based instructional environment places the course content and resource materials under one virtual roof. Browsers, hypertext, multimedia, and bookmarks now replace traditional reference materials since resources are located all over the world through the Internet. The professor will make you aware of textbook, software, and hardware requirements specific to each course.

Is there homework?
Yes. These are regular college courses with requirements similar to those of other college courses. You will submit your homework all online. You may view course materials and conduct exercises online as well.

Are there tests?
Yes. Just like homework, testing will be conducted online in a secure environment.

How will I interact with the Professor?
You will be able to communicate with the professor and other instructors, as well as your fellow students online in a carefully monitored discussion forum, by e-mail, or in a live chat session for any given course. Naturally, we welcome telephone contact or face-to-face meetings with faculty during office hours or at your convenience.

What is the cost of the Certificate Program?
Tuition and fees are set by the university trustees and subject to change. Please visit for the most current tuition and any additional fees that may apply.

If I decide to pursue a Bachelor degree in Computer and Information Technology, will any of these courses apply toward my degree?
Absolutely! If fact, you can apply all of the courses on any certificate to a CIT degree.

How will courses be offered?
All six courses in the Certificate Program are offered through the World Wide Web. Each course is incorporated into IUPUI's newly-developed, secure online course environment.