IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology

IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology

ECE Faculty Research Interests

The faculty in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are active in a number of research areas and projects. The following describes the primary research interests of the faculty. 

Ben Miled, Zina, Ph.D, Associate Professor

She received her Ph.D. from Purdue University in 1997. Her research areas of interest include data analytics, parallell processing, large enterprise software systems, distributed storage & processing, business intelligence and time critical applications.

Chen, Yaobin, Ph.D., Chancellor's Professor 

Modeling and control of advanced vehicle systems, computational intelligence with applications, and biosystem modeling and control.

Chien, Stanley, Ph.D., Professor

Robotics and automation, intelligent robot systems, object-oriented programming and database, parallel computing.

Christopher, Lauren, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Application of VLSI circuits to new 3D imaging algorithms to improve throughput and real-time analysis of 3D image data. New algorithms for 3D image capture, 3D image processing, and 3D displays are of interest.

dos Santos, Euzeli, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

His research interests are: Power electronics, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, and Motor drive systems

El-Sharkawy, Mohamed, Ph.D., Professor 

Digital signal processing applications, voice recognition, graphics and image processing, coding, modulation, equalization, parallel processing.

Kim, Dongsoo, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Computer communication networks, wireless mobile networks, performance measurements, and real-time operating systems.

King, Brian, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Interim Chair

Information security, computer and network security, wireless security, cryptography, algorithms, and applied mathematics.

Koskie, Sarah, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Control theory, system identification, game theory, and their applications, including biological, automotive, aerospace, and communication systems.

Lee, John Jaehwan, Ph.D., Associate Professor 

High-performance computing, Novel hardware-oriented, FPGA-assisted, or GPU-based parallel acceleration of algorithms and applications.

Li, Lingxi, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Monitoring, diagnosis, and control of complex systems (transportation systems, power systems, biological systems) Fault-tolerant systems, Discrete event systems, Graph theory & applications.

Rizkalla, Maher, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Chair

Applied superconductivity, solid state electronics, VLSI signal processing and electronics manufacturing.

Rovnyak, Steven, Ph.D., Associate Professor 

Pattern recognition methodologies for protective relaying and for one-shot stability controls in electric power systems; dynamic systems, signal processing and pattern recognition applications.

Russomanno, David, Ph.D. Professor and Dean

His interests include intelligent sensors and supporting software infrastructure, knowledge representation and inference, including Semantic Web applications, data and knowledge visualization, software engineering, logic programming applications, GIS and STEM education.

Salama, Paul, Ph.D., Professor

Signal/image/video processing, biomedical image analysis, compression, security, restoration/reconstruction, digital communications, information theory and source coding, error resilience and error concealment

Peter Schubert, Ph.D. Professor, Director, Lugar Center for Renewable Energy

Algorithm Design, Alternative Energy, Simulation, Modeling, Space Manufacturing, Biomass Conversion

Varahramyan, Kody, Ph.D.,   Professor and Adviser to Chancellor

Nano Electronics, Micro Manufacturing


Adjunct Faculty


Agarwal, Mangilal, Ph.D

Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives and Micro/Nanomanufacturing - Nanoscale-based devices & systems, nanoelectronics, microelectromechanical Systems, layer-by-layer assembly (nanometer coatings) for different applications, and carbon nanotubes & applications.

Li, Feng, Ph.D

Wireless security, socially intelligent computing, cloud security, wireless mobile networks, computer & network security, and algorithms.

Liu, Hongbo, Ph.D

Cyber Security and Privacy - Pervasive computing & smart systems, mobile computing & wireless networks, big data and cloud computing.

Shrestha, Sudhir, Ph.D

Wireless Sensors, Nanoelectronics, Nanomaterials and Nanoassembly, Integrated Nanosystems and Devices, Nanomaterials Based Solar Cells, Micro/Nano Fluidics, RFID, and RF Simulation and Modeling.      
Wu, Huanmei, Ph.D

Database management, data mining, medical physics, radiation oncology, medical imaging processing, database security, biomedical science, digital forensics, and pattern recognition