IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology

IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology

Research Laboratories

The department's research laboratories are well equipped and available to its students for their advanced projects and thesis research. These laboratories are supported by a wide range of research grants from government agencies, industry, and private foundations. The major laboratories are the

  • Computer Engineering Lab
  • Digital Signal/Image Processing Lab
  • Intelligent Control and Systems Lab
  • Network Lab
  • Multimedia and Video Processing Lab
  • Pattern Recognition and Biometrics Lab
  • TASI Driving Simulator Lab
  • VLSI & Manufacturing Lab

In addition to the general-purpose personal computing resources provided by the CNC Labs, and UITS, the department has high performance Unix networks, mainly supported by Center of Excellence provided by SUN Microsystems. The Lab include three general-purpose servers equipped with RAID hard drives with 2 TB total storage capacity: an application server Sun V480 with 4 Sparc processors SMP and 16 GB RAM; and two backup (load-balancing in normal operation) servers Sun Blade 10000’s with 2 Sparc SMP and 2 GB RAM each. The network provides the main computing and network power for academic teaching and research, supporting about 60 workstations and graphical X-terminals.

All undergraduate and graduate students can have accounts to the system by completing online ECE UNIX/Linux Account Request Form. You can access the system from any places by using a secure shell (SSH), or visit the lab in SL143. Students can obtain access to the Lab by consulting with J. Sears

Department Affiliated Research Centers