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Healthcare Engineering Technology Management

Healthcare Engineering Technology Management

(previously named Biomedical Engineering Technology)

Healthcare, meet technology.

Healthcare Engineering Technology Management allows you to make a difference each day as you interact with medical staff and the technology that sustains life.  Put your mind and hands to work to support and maintain state-of-the-art healthcare equipment in hospitals and clinics to promote safe and effective patient care.  With a degree in Healthcare Engineering Technology Management from IUPUI, you'll be equipped to make a visible impact in the high tech world of medicine.

Healthcare Engineering Technology Management Degrees Offered:

Why Healthcare Engineering Technology Management at IUPUI?

  • IUPUI is one of only a handful of institutions in the country that offers a bachelor's degree in the healthcare technology management discipline
  • IUPUI's campus houses four hospitals, offering strong connections between the program and those clinical sites
  • Internships are integrated into the program to promote strong workplace understanding and clinical experience
  • IUPUI is closely partnered with the discipline's leading organization: Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)
  • Graduates readily find satisfying employment in service of the public with excellent starting salaries

Common Careers for Graduates:

  • Healthcare technology managers who work in hospitals supporting the safe and effective use of technology involved in patient care for that institution
  • Field service engineers specializing in clinical laboratory equipment or imaging devices
  • Medical device sales
  • Technical specialists who support specific clinical applications such as RFID asset tracking or surgical instruments
  • Technicians who support non-profit organizations who deliver healthcare technology to developing countries

Student Resources:

General Education Electives (for students admitted before Fall 2013)

General Education Common Core (for students admitted Fall 2013 and later)

Program Contact

Barbara Christe
Program Director

Phone: 317-274-7591