Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Graduate Programs in Music and Arts Technology

Doctor of Philosophy in in Music Technology

The Ph.D. in Music Technology is aimed at producing academic and professional leaders capable of addressing a rapidly changing environment driven by continual development and integration of technology. The PhD addresses the comprehensive nature of the field, whose needs include designing new technological tools and techniques, leadership, business entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary research, and creative activity utilizing new and evolving technologies.Degree requirements are formulated to afford a sufficient degree of flexibility in developing a Plan of Study that best suits each student's individual needs and goals. 

Master of Science in Music Technology

The Master of Science in Music Technology (MSMT) curriculum provides post-baccalaureate education in areas of computer-based music technology, multimedia and interactive design and multimedia production techniques. The primary objective of the program is to bring new and emerging digital arts technologies to students as they relate to a new discipline defined as music technology. The curriculum establishes the creative application of multimedia technology to video, audio and graphic production of arts and educational materials. Included in this field are foundations, methods and theoretical courses which underpin the development of production skills required in using technology in a creative environment.

Master of Science in Music Therapy

The IUPUI Master of Science in Music Therapy is the first totally online Masters degree in Music Therapy. There is no travel required for this degree, no trips to campus, no extra fees for room & board. The degree is especially convenient for board-certified music therapists who work full time but still want to pursue graduate work or who cannot move their families to a university campus. The program uses both synchronous and asynchronous technologies to provide instructional time and build a sense of community.

Music therapists accepted in the MSMTh program will learn advanced research skills enhancing their critical analysis and integration of current research findings to clinical practice. Additionally, music therapists will learn how to utilize the vast array of tools available in music technology. Within music therapy practice and research, music technology can: 1) facilitate the collection and analysis of data generated during clinical sessions; 2) apply compositional and improvisational techniques with patients, and; 3) exploit the multi-mediated environment of the MIDI workstation where visual, auditory, and tactile senses can work interchangeably to support therapeutic strategies.