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Energy Engineering

Energy is critical.

That’s why Energy Engineering at IUPUI addresses pertinent issues of global energy supply and demand by exploring how to use energy more efficientlyand even find new sources of energy. Put Purdue University mechanical and electrical engineering expertise plus physics, economics, math and chemistry to great use through IUPUI’s one-of-a-kind program, for the betterment of our environment, society, and the world. 

Degrees Offered:

Why Energy Engineering at IUPUI?

  • Purdue Degree
  • Unique degree program in US
  • Smaller class size
  • Undergraduate research opportunities Internship opportunities

Common Careers for Graduates:

  • Energy engineers
  • College professors
  • Engineers or researchers in National laboratories Patent lawyers
  • Company managers 

Program Contact

Ali Razban
Clinical Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Program Director, Energy Engineering

Phone: (317) 274-8458
Office: SL 260