Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

EEN 24000/EEN 29700 Basic Engineering Mechanics

EEN 24000 / 3 Cr.


To teach students:

  • Basic knowledge of equilibrium of particles, smooth and rough rigid bodies under the action of external forces; basic knowledge of kinematics and kinetics for a point mass, system of discrete masses and a rigid body.


Upon the competition of this course, students should be able to analysis:

  1. Vectors and forces, equilibrium of a particle in two and three dimensions.
  2. Equivalent systems of forces, concept of moment of a force.
  3. Equilibrium of rigid bodies, free body diagram, and determination of reactions.
  4. Distributed forces, concept of centroids and centers of gravity.
  5. Distributed forces, moment of inertia of areas.
  6. Kinematics of a particle: rectilinear and curvilinear motion, use of various coordinate systems.
  7. Kinetics of a single particle: equations of motion, linear impulse and momentum, angular impulse and momentum.
  8. Kinematics and kinetics of rigid bodies: translation and rotation, relative and absolute references. 


Test  # 1: 15 %

Test  # 2: 25 % , Comprehensive Static

Test  # 3: 15 %

Participation, Quizzes 10 %

HW: 10% (required to pass course)

Final: 25%, Comprehensive Dynamics


F. P. Beer and E. R. Johnston, Jr. Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics/Dynamics Ninth Edition, McGraw Hill.