Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Renewable Energy Systems and Design

EEN 34500 / 3 Cr.

This course is designed to introduce the system and design of energy conversion and storage devices for renewable energy sources. Students will first learn about energy sources available on earth including kinetic, solar, and chemical. Next, the course will provide students with a review of the thermodynamic concepts behind energy constant and energy transfer via an energy conversion device. Finally, this course will tie together concepts of solar and biomass renewable energy sources and thermodynamics teaching students about design elements for energy conversion and storage devices, in which renewable energy sources are converted and stored.


Principles of Solar Engineering, Goswami, Taylor & Francis, 3rd or latest Edition

  • Discuss theoretical considerations of renewable energy sources that include solar energy, kinetic energy (wind and tidal), and chemical energy (nuclear, biomass, and other chemicals).
  •  Discuss the thermodynamic aspects of energy transfer through the energy conversion device by using the first and second laws of thermodynamics.
  •  Understand the basic principles of the energy conversion device for renewable energy sources that mainly cover solar, kinetic, and chemical energies.  
  •  Identify the basic design components and their functions for the selected energy conversion device 
  •  Use energy conversion principles and basic design components to understand the current energy conversion devices and evaluate their conversion efficiency.   
  •  Identify ways to store renewable energy sources and understand the basic principles of the energy storage system.  
  •  Use energy storage principles to perform basic system design and component selection for the selected energy storage device.  
  •  Discuss practical considerations for energy conversion and storage devices and their respective current challenges and future directions.
  • Renewable Energy Sources on Earth
    • Solar
    • Kinetic (wind and wave)
    • Chemical (nuclear, hydrogen, and others)
    • Others
  • Review of Thermodynamics
  • Design Aspects for Solar to Electricity Devices
    • Solar Cells
      • Semiconductors
      • P-N Junction
      • Photovoltaic Effect
      • Design Principles of Solar Cells
      • Design Principles of Solar Farm
    • Energy Storage Systems
      • Electrochemical Systems (rechargeable batteries)
      • Other Storage Systems