Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Innovative Product Design with Emphasis on Intellectual. Property 1

ME 49700 / 3 Cr. (3 Class)

Introducing topics of intellectual property such as copyright, trademark, and tradesecret. Introducing topics directed to patents including a thorough introduction to subject matter eligibility, novelty, and non-obviousness as well as topics related to enablement and written description requirements of a patent. Reviewing patents. Creating patentable projects. Preparing patent applications.


To teach students the tools required for designing and developing engineering solutions using intellectual property as a starting point to achieve their goals faster, in a more innovative fashion, and to avoid infringement of existing patents.

After successful completion of this course, the students should be able to:
1. Explain what intellectual property (IP) vehicle should be used to achieve a desired protection
2. Explain requirements for copyright protection, trademark protection, and tradesecret protection
3. Explain subject matter eligibility for patent applications
4. Explain what novelty and non-obviousness mean
5. Explain what enablement and written requirements mean
6. Explain how to search for prior art
7. Explain how to read a patent and extract information from it including scope of protection, disclosure, examination history, continuation history useful in analyzing the patent
8. Prepare patent applications and file the same with the patent and trademark office


1. Intellectual Property in general (1 periods)
2. Patent Application Requirements (2 periods)
3. Searching prior art (1 periods)
4. Assigning and reviewing patents to each group (1 period)
5. Designing improvements over the assigned patent (6 periods)
6. Preparing patent application for the improvement (2 periods)
7. Learning how to file a patent application (1 periods)
8. Patent examination procedures (5 periods)
9. Copyright (3 periods)
10. Trademark (3 periods)
11. Tradesecrets (2 periods)