Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Innovative Product Design with Emphasis on Intellectual. Property 1

ME 49700 / 3 Cr. (3 Class)

Introducing topics of intellectual property such as copyright, trademark, and tradesecret. Introducing topics directed to patents including a thorough introduction to subject matter eligibility, novelty, and non-obviousness as well as topics related to enablement and written description requirements of a patent. Reviewing patents. Creating patentable projects. Preparing patent applications.


To teach students the tools required for designing and developing engineering solutions using intellectual property as a starting point to achieve their goals faster, in a more innovative fashion, and to avoid infringement of existing patents.
  •  Explain what intellectual property (IP) vehicle should be used to achieve a desired protection
  •  Explain requirements for copyright protection, trademark protection, and tradesecret protection
  •  Explain subject matter eligibility for patent applications
  •  Explain what novelty and non-obviousness mean
  •  Explain what enablement and written requirements mean
  •  Explain how to search for prior art
  •  Explain how to read a patent and extract information from it including scope of protection, disclosure, examination history, continuation history useful in analyzing the patent
  •  Prepare patent applications and file the same with the patent and trademark office
  • Intellectual Property in general 
  • Patent Application Requirements 
  • Searching prior art 
  • Assigning and reviewing patents to each group 
  • Designing improvements over the assigned patent 
  • Preparing patent application for the improvement 
  • Learning how to file a patent application 
  • Patent examination procedures 
  • Copyright 
  • Trademark 
  • Tradesecrets