Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Composite Materials for Automotive Applications

ME 59700 / 3 Cr.

This course focuses on design and analysis of composite materials for automotive and motorsport applications and will cover the following four main subjects: composite materials in the automotive industry, impact and crash analysis, damage and failure, case studies and designs.

Primary Track: Solid Mechanics & CAE, Materials


Advanced Composite Materials for Automotive Applications, Elmarakbi, Wiley, 1st Edition

  • Explain how composite materials are designed, processed and utilized in vehicles.
  • Explain all phases of composite design, modelling, testing and failure analysis
  • Evaluate the performance of existing materials including carbon composites and future developments in automotive material technology
  • Integrate impact, crash, failure, damage, analysis and modeling of composites
  • Integrate theory and practice in the field of composite materials and automotive engineering
  • Include energy efficiency and environmental implications
  • Overview of Composite Materials and their Automotive Applications
  • High-Volume Thermoplastic Composite Technology for Automotive
  • Development of Low-Cost Carbon Fiber for Automotive Applications
  • Mechanical Properties of Advanced Pore Morphology Foam Composites
  • Automotive Composite Structures for Crashworthiness
  • Crashworthiness Analysis of Composite and Thermoplastic Foam
    Structure for Automotive Bumper Subsystem
  • Hybrid Structures Consisting of Sheet Metal and Fiber Reinforced Plastics
    for Structural Automotive Applications
  • Nonlinear Strain Rate Dependent Micro-Mechanical Composite Material
    Model for Crashworthiness Simulation
  • Design Solutions to Improve CFRP Crash-Box Impact Efficiency for
    Racing Applications
  • Fracture and Failure Mechanisms for Different Loading Modes in
    Unidirectional Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composites
  • Numerical Simulation of Damages in FRP Laminated Structures under
    Transverse Quasi-Static or Low-Velocity Impact Loads
  • Building Delamination Fracture Envelope under Mode I/Mode II Loading
    for FRP Composite Materials
  • Metal Matrix Composites for Automotive Applications
  • Development of a Composite Wheel with Integrated Hub Motor and
    Requirements on Safety Components in Composite
  • Composite Materials in Automotive Body Panels, Concerning Noise and
  • Composite Materials for Automotive Braking Systems
  • Low-Cost Carbon Fiber: Applications, Performance and Cost Models