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Timeline for BSMS program milestones 

  1. Student files an application for the combined degree program when he/she completes the first 85 credit hours with 3.2 GPA or higher in the BS plan of study. Current undergraduates who have completed more than 85credits hours will also be eligible to apply to this program, provided that their current GPA is over 3.2, and they will be willing to take four graduate courses as ME electives for BS degree part of their plan of study. 
  2. After verifying the student's record, the Graduate Committee will conditionally accept the student to the dual BSMS degree program. 
  3. Student files a BS plan of study no later than one semester before completion of the BS plan of study (normally in 7th semester – same as the traditional program students), including the four graduate courses (12 credit hours) taken or to be taken in the BS plan of study. 
  4. Student's performance at the end of completion of the 116 credit hours, including the six credit hour of graduate courses (normally at the end of seventh semester) will be reviewed by the Graduate Committee, and if he/she maintains a minimum 3.2 overall GPA and receives at least B in each of the first two graduate courses taken towards the BSMS degree, he/she will be recommended for conditional admission to the graduate program. Otherwise, the student will be advised to stay with the BS program only. 
  5. Student will be accepted to the graduate program after successfully finishing 128 credit hours of BS plan of study, including the four Master's courses (normally at end of the 8th semester), only if he/she maintains a minimum 3.2 GPA and at least a B in each of the four graduate courses taken. If these conditions are not met, the student will receive only a BS degree. 
  6. Once admitted to the graduate program, the student files a graduate plan of study (normally in the 9th semester) that will include the 12 credit hours of graduate courses taken for BS degree that will be transferred with grades. Henceforth, the graduation requirements will be same as in the traditional Master's degree.