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Mary Baechle, Lecturer of Technical Communication, Awarded 2018 Trustees Teaching Award


Mary Baechle, Lecturer of Technical Communication, was recently selected to receive the 2018 Trustees Teaching Award. The Trustees Teaching Award seeks to honor individuals who positively impact learning through direct teaching of students, especially undergraduate students. Recipients of the award must have demonstrated a sustained level of teaching excellence in the form of documented student learning. They also must have completed three or more years of service at IUPUI for consideration.

Posted 3/2/18 


Clinical Assistant Professor Patricia Fox Approved for Service Learning Assistant Scholarship

psfox_md.jpgPatricia Fox, Clinical Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership, was recently approved for funding for a Student Learning Assistant (SLA) scholarship. This scholarship is awarded through the Center for Teaching and Learning at IUPUI, and funding is made possible through the Sam H. Jones Scholarship Program, which supports mentoring efforts to develop civic-minded graduates and professionals. SLA scholarships “support faculty and staff work within and across the following domains of practice: teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity, service, and capacity building.” SLA scholarships are requested on a per-semester basis, or as an academic year award. For more details on the SLA Scholarship Program, visit

Posted 3/2/18 

crenguet_md.jpgDr. Renguette Publishes Journal Article in the Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning

Dr. Corinne Renguette, Assistant Professor of Technical Communication, recently coauthored a journal article for the Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning titled “Problem-Based Teacher-Mentor Education: Fostering Literacy Acquisition in Multicultural Classrooms.” The article discusses a professional development teacher-mentor program that used problem-based learning (PBL) to help teachers target literacy development in content areas. PBL was also the basis for the training to help teachers improve their own PBL knowledge and mentor other teachers while implementing PBL across content areas. The article can be accessed at 

Posted 3/2/18 

Kim1.jpegDr. Kim Publishes Book Chapter and Journal Article

Dr. Junhee Kim, Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership, recently published a book chapter titled “IHRD: Developing Expatriates and Inpatriates” (co-authored with McLean, G.N. and Pruetipibultham, O.). In this chapter, the authors explore benefits and challenges of expatriate/inpatriate assignments, critical success factors for expatriates and inpatriates, and interventions for developing effective expatriates/inpatriates. They conclude the chapter with implications for researchers and practitioners in the international human resource development field. The book, Handbook of International Hnadbook of Human Resource Development, was published by Edward Elgar Publishing in both hardback copy and eBook, and can be found at

Kim2.gifDr. Junhee Kim also published an article titled “Job Performance in Learning Organization: The Mediating Impacts of Self-Efficacy and Work Engagement” (co-authored with Song, J. H., Chai, D. S., and Bae, S. H.). The article shows the positive impacts of the learning organization culture in Korean workforce institutions on teachers’ self-efficacy and work engagement. It was also found that teachers’ self-efficacy positively affected their work engagement and job performance, while work engagement positively impacted job performance. Overall, this study demonstrates the importance of learning organization culture in enhancing teachers’ effectiveness in educational institutions. The article was published in the Performance Improvement Quarterly Journal and can be accessed at 

Posted 3/2/18 


Dr. Reed Hughes Awarded $10,000 EMPOWER Grant 

KRH.pngDr. Katrenia Reed Hughes, Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership, was recently awarded a $10,000 grant through the Enhanced Mentoring Program with Opportunities to Excel in Research (EMPOWER). This program is cosponsored by the Research Development Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research as well as the IUPUI Office for Women. EMPOWER “supports IUPUI faculty who are historically underrepresented and/or excluded populations in their discipline or area of scholarship and historically denied admission to higher education or that discipline, 1) to become successful in sponsored research and scholarly activity, and 2) to achieve significant professional growth and advancement. The program sustains mentorship opportunities through the EMPOWER Grant Program, supporting achievement of excellence in research and scholarly activity, and optimal attainment of academic career goals and objectives.” For more information on EMPOWER, visit

Posted 3/2/18 


Evan Yoho Meets Steve Forbes at 2018 Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) Regional Leadership Conference

Evan Yoho, a junior in the OLS program recently attended the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) Regional Leadership Conference, which was held at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, New Jersey, on February 2, 2018. At the conference, Evan met Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media. TKE's mission is to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life. With nearly 12,000 collegiate members, Tau Kappa Epsilon contributes to the advancement of society through the personal growth of their members, and service to others. 

Posted 2/7/2018


Emili Sperling Bennett Awarded Research Fellowship from the Council of Alumni Association Executives

Emili Bennett

Emili Sperling Bennett, a recent Master’s of Science in Technology and Human Resource Development Certificate graduate, recently received a $2000 Jerry F. Tardy Fellowship from the international Council of Alumni Association Executives (CAAE). She will present her research at the CAAE Winter Institute in Scottsdale, AZ in February 2018. Her research topic is “A Deeper (and Relevant) Investment in Alumni Careers and Wellness.”

Her project will benchmark best practices of wellness programming across other industries and higher education institutions. The project will propose how career development coaching and topics can be expanded to include wellness in its many forms, proposing resources, coaching, and programming for the alumni engagement field.

A few examples of wellness programming across the continuum of lifetime alumni engagement include: financial wellness for first time homebuyers, mid-level careerists, retirees; physical wellness, exercise and nutrition; mental wellness, sleep, and how to manage stress; intellectual wellness through lifelong learning.

The Tardy Fellowship encourages the advancement of junior professionals with two-to-five years of experience in alumni relations into senior alumni relations officer positions.

The fellowship is named in honor of the late Jerry F. Tardy, president and CEO of the Indiana University Alumni Association, who served as a great advocate of the alumni profession and a mentor to numerous colleagues throughout his career.

Ms. Bennett currently serves as the Indiana University Alumni Association Associate Director of Career & Professional Development.

Posted 12/5/2017

Graduate Student Awarded Yurtseven International Initiatives Scholarship to Study German Philanthropy

Ife Goodson, a graduate student earning her Masters of Science in Technology with an Organizational Leadership focus, was awarded a Yurtseven International Initiatives Scholarship to support recent travel to Germany to study issues in philanthropy there.

She writes:
I would never in a million years imagine that I would have the opportunity to travel to Germany, but as a recipient of the Yurtseven scholarship, I was able to study abroad as part of the “Philanthropy and Public Policy: The German Context” program May 14-27, 2017.  This program, hosted by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, provided a firsthand learning experience in philanthropy and public policy through lectures and meetings with professors, state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, think tanks, and foundations throughout Berlin and Hamburg.

“Overall, I was inspired by Germany’s history, culture and innovative social service collaborations and strategies. We visited Karuna, a hands-on program for youth addiction prevention.  Founded by Jorge Reichert, Karuna provides a network of services and support for disconnected youth who are often referred to as an “invisible population.” Karuna’s unique collaborations include a recent partnership with Google to develop an app that streamlines the processes of engaging youth, identifying tailored needs, and locating available services. This innovative approach connects a hard-to-reach population with critical assistance, and it provides a model for youth empowerment.

“In addition, we took part in the German Protestant Kirchentag, a bi-annual church celebration, that included a panel discussion “Ending Hardship. How Do We Reduce Poverty Effectively Worldwide?” One of the panelists, American philanthropist Melinda Gates, discussed the role of philanthropy as a catalytic wedge for change. She discussed the role of foundations in utilizing innovation to spur projects in developing countries, measuring effectiveness, and advocating the scaling up of successful projects that serve humanity."

To read a blog post that Ife wrote during her trip, visit  
Posted 6/8/2017

TLC Student, Dan Huffman, contributes to Verizon 5G Indianapolis 500 Demo to Support Live VR Stream

The School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI's student Dan Huffman is a Principal Engineer at Verizon and earning a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership in the Department of Technology Leadership and Communication (TLC). Huffman and his team have been working with partners Ericsson and Intel, to test delivery of next-generation 5G wireless broadband technology that was set for demo at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Wednesday, May 24th.

Read more on this story here.
Posted 6/8/2017

TLC Graduate Program Chair selected as participant of IUPUI Next Generation 2.0

Associate Professor of Technical Communication and Chair of Technology Leadership and Communication Graduate Programs Marj Rush Hovde was recently selected as a member of the IUPUI Next Generation 2.0 leadership initiative program. This 9-month leadership development program is "designed to prepare faculty and professional staff who are women and/or members of underrepresented populations for positions of leadership and opportunities for advancement at IUPUI and in higher education." (IUPUI Office for Women)
Posted 5/5/2017

Christian Rogers (left) and Cori Renguette (right)

IUPUI Faculty Members Present at Cyberlearning 2017

Christian Rogers and Corinne Renguette, faculty members from the IUPUI School of Engineering & Technology, presented at Cyberlearning 2017, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Center for Innovative Research in Cyberlearning. Chris and Cori are collaborating with Jerry Schnepp from Bowling Green University on the development and testing of EASEL (Education Through Application-Supported Experiential Learning) to facilitate opportunities for reflection before, during, and after learning experiences. 
Posted 4/26/2017