Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

ePortfolio Option

Students admitted to the OLS major or certificate programs with significant experiential learning (supervisory, management, leadership, subject matter expert role in discipline-specific contexts) may request access to either a non-credit (self-guided) or an instructor-facilitated (TCM 43500, 1.0 credit hour/summer only) course to prepare an evidence-based learning portfolio for the purpose of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).  Eligible professional or workplace experiences or learning contexts may include: military service at rank of E5 or higher, 3 or more years within a single organization, or 5 or more years of experience in multiple organizations.

Students must publish and submit a Portfolio URL for faculty review per campus and departmental guidelines (Taskstream is the current e-Portfolio platform used by the TLC Department).  Students are responsible for any fees related to enrollment in the credit or non-credit portfolio development course. If the faculty review results in a credit award, students will be assessed a posting fee by the IUPUI Office of the Registrar (current fees for posting are $20/credit hour). Students will be notified of credit recommendations at the beginning of the fall or spring semester with enough time to modify their current schedule. Approval for posting prior learning credit based on portfolio review will route to the student electronically through IUPUI email. Participation in portfolio-based prior learning assessment does not guarantee award of college credit; however, when a student’s portfolio demonstrates sufficient mastery of course learning outcomes, faculty may recommend an ad-hoc exam administered by the department or additional documentation/portfolio revision prior to the next review period. PLA credit granted for a course equivalencies through completion of a Prior Learning Portfolio (with or without enrollment in TCM 43500) may not exceed 30.0 credits. 

Important Note: the maximum total PLA or Special credit hours that can be applied towards the OLS major (B.S. degrees) is 30.0 units. This includes MIL credit with an (S) grade, test-out credit, and any other prior learning credit awards. Certificate students may apply up to 9.0 units of PLA or Special (S) credit towards degree requirements.