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[Effective for all new students admitted to program fall 2014 or later.]

Course Requirements for completion of B.S. in Organizational Leadership (120.0 credit hours):

OLS Core (31.0 credit hours)

The B.S. Degree in Organizational Leadership requires a total of 120.0 credit hours. Of the 46.0 credit hours required in OLS coursework, 31.0 credits will result from taking specific courses in the Core Curriculum including:

  • OLS 10000 Introduction to Organizational Leadership (1.0 cr) - Required for all OLS majors, including transfer students.

  • OLS 25200 Human Behavior in Organizations (3.0 cr)

  • OLS 26300 Ethical Decisions in Leadership (3.0 cr)

  • OLS 27400 Applied Leadership (3.0 cr)

  • OLS 32700 Leadership for a Global Workforce (3.0 cr)

  • OLS 37100 Project Management (3.0 cr)

  • OLS 38300 Human Resource Management (3.0 cr)

  • OLS 39000* Leadership Theory and Process (3.0 cr)

  • OLS 48700* Leadership Philosophy (3.0 cr)

  • OLS 49000 Senior Research Capstone (3.0 cr)

*Core OLS coursework must be taken in order with all 100-/200-level classes completed with a grade of C or higher before 300-level requirements and all 300-level requirements completed prior to enrollment in OLS 48700. All General Education coursework, including mathematics and statistics, must be completed prior to enrollment in OLS 39000.

The balance of course requirements for graduation with a B.S. in OLS includes:

OLS 300-/400-level Electives (15.0 credit hours)

  • Students must complete 15.0 additional credit hours of OLS specific coursework at the 300-/400-level beyond the 31.0 credit hour OLS Core requirements listed above.
Related Technology or Applied Core (24.0 credit hours)
  • OLS majors must complete 24.0 credit hours of career-focused coursework outside of the major. The Related Technology or Applied Core will include the technical, business, or similar areas of study that contribute to a minor, academic certificate, associate degree, or concentration of coursework to best prepare for career pathways or graduate studies. Students must select fom the department approved Related Area list or meet with a program advisor for approval for alternative related or applied coursework.

IUPUI Transferrable Common Core (30.0 credit hours)

  • ENG-W 131 or equivalent English Composition (3.0 cr)

  • COMM-R 110 or equivalent speech communication (3.0 cr)

  • Behavioral/Social Science Elective (3.0 - 6.0 cr) - Select from Social Sciences approved course list.

  • Mathematical Competency (3.0 cr above Math 11100) - Select from Analytical Reasoning: College Math approved list.

  • Statistics (3.0 cr)- Select from department approved list (IET 15000, CIT 22000, STAT 30100, ECON-E 270). 

  • Physical Science Elective (6.0 cr) - Select from Life and Physical Science approved course list.

Important Note: 200-level OLS courses are included on the IUPUI General Education Core curriculum in the Social Sciences category. While these courses fulfill campus-/state-level competencies, OLS majors must still complete 9.0 total credit hours of Arts/Humanities and Social Science coursework to graduate.

Communication and Free Electives (20.0 credit hours)

  • TCM 25000 (1.0 cr)
  • 200-level Writing Requirement (3.0 cr) - (Select from TCM 200-level course, TCM 34000, ENG-W 231, or BUS-X 204. Any other ENG-W, communication, or writing course must be approved by a program advisor.)
  • TCM 32000 (3.0 cr)
  • Free Electives (13.0 cr)

*Senior standing, mathematics, communication requirements, and successful completion of the OLS B.S. Core through OLS 39000 are prerequisites for OLS 48700 and 49000.