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Technical Communication Certificate

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The undergraduate Certificate in Technical Communication (TCM) is offered by the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. Any student formally admitted to IUPUI may pursue the TCM Certificate.

Students who earn the TCM Certificate will demonstrate that they have the core knowledge, skills, and professional practices necessary for entry-level technical communicators. They will demonstrate their abilities to gather and transform technical knowledge for a variety of audiences. They will design, develop, and edit effective, usable publications using sound communication principles and current technology.

Students will complete 13 hours of required courses and 6 hours of selected courses that prepare them for professional practice in technical communication and related careers.

Requirements Beginning Fall 2013 - 19 Total Credit Hours

Required Courses: 13 credits

  • Choose either TCM 23000 Principles and Practices of Technical Communication or 22000 Technical Report Writing - 3 credits
  • TCM 24000 Tools for Technical Communication - 3 credits
  • TCM 31000 Technical and Scientific Editing - 3 credits
  • Choose either TCM 25000 Career Planning in Engineering and Technology or TCM 43500 Portfolio Preparation - 1 credit
  • One technical or scientific course at or above the 200 level - 3 credits

Selected Courses: 6 credits
Choose 2 courses from this list:

  • TCM 32000 Written Communication in Science and Industry - 3 credits
  • TCM 35000 Visual Technical Communication - 3 credits
  • TCM 38000 Technical Communication in the Healthcare Professions - 3 credits
  • TCM 39500 Independent Study - 3 credits
  • TCM 42000 Field Experience - 3 credits
  • TCM 42500 Managing Document Quality - 3 credits
  • TCM 45000 Research Approaches for Technical & Professional Communication - 3 credits
  • One relevant, approved course from another department - 3 credits

TCM Certificate Plan of Study BEGINNING Fall 2013 (PDF)

TCM Certificate Plan of Study PRIOR TO Fall 2013 (PDF) 

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Contact Information

TCM Certificate Coordinator
Dr. Marjorie Rush Hovde | mhovde@iupui.edu | ET 324F | 317-274-0825

TCM Program Director
Dr. Corinne Renguette | crenguet@iupui.edu | ET 324E | 317-274-0018