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Kelsey Lipking Q & A

March 18, 2014

Kelsey Lipking, Chancellor’s Scholar

Kelsey Lipking, Chancellor’s Scholar

Why did you decide to attend IUPUI?

I visited several campuses throughout high school as I was trying to make my decision on a college campus. All of them had similar curricula and academic reputations. IUPUI stood out from the rest due to the connection I felt with the campus. I could see myself attending classes and living in Indianapolis. This made my decision easy and it is thankfully one which I have never second guessed.

Why study Biomedical Engineering?

I initially became interested in biomedical engineering because of tissue engineering. The idea of regenerating failing organs and tissues rather than waiting for a donor to become available fascinates me. Biomedical engineering has also allowed me to take a wide variety of classes in science, math, and engineering which has kept it interesting.

What are some differences you experienced between high school and college? 

College is a time that you truly have to hold yourself accountable. There is no longer someone there to check in and make sure you are going to class and doing your homework. For me, it provided the opportunity to enhance my time management skills. The sooner you can learn to be self-disciplined and manage your time, the more successful you will be.

As the top graduating student from the School of Engineering and Technology, what can you attribute your academic success to? 

I always asked for help when I needed it. I feel that a lot of engineering students are afraid to ask for help because they are used to being the smartest student in the class. However, I think taking advantage of the resources available on campus such as professors, teaching assistants, and resource centers is truly the smartest thing you can do.

What activities/organizations were you involved in as a student?

I served as an Engineering and Technology student ambassador where I had the opportunity to speak to prospective students about our school and answer any questions they may have. I am also a member of our Greek community on campus and held several officer positions in my organization. Along with this, I served on the Regatta Steering Committee where I helped to plan IUPUI’s annual canoe race on the downtown Indianapolis canal. I also became actively involved in research through the school of medicine and have had the opportunity to attend research conferences.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I will be attending medical school at Indiana University.

What words of wisdom can you offer to other females interested in engineering?

Engineering can be a difficult field of study and it takes a lot of focus. That being said, let yourself have fun along the way! Remain dedicated to your studies, but also find ways to manage your stress and relax. It took me a few semesters to figure this out for myself, but I am happy that I did so because it allowed me to be happier and enjoy my college experience.