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Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Student Sara Grimany is looking forward to a new career and warmer weather

February 11, 2014

Sara Grimany

Sara Grimany

by Ric Burrous

Senior Sara Grimany was born and raised in the warmth of Puerto Rico, so spending her collegiate years at IUPUI has been a big change of pace, weather-wise.

Especially this year, said the mechanical engineering major in the School of Engineering and Technology.

"I've enjoyed experiencing the different seasons here, and the first time I ever saw snow was my first year at IUPUI," she laughed. But the harsh winter weather this year has her thinking that the warmer weather of her native land — and of Freeport, Texas, where she has already signed up to work for Dow Chemical after she graduates this May — is rather appealing.

Her new job will be a big change of pace from the work she has pursued for Carrier Corporation in Indianapolis during an internship representing the School of Engineering and Technology. "I've been working around air conditioners, and now I’m going to have to learn how to work in a chemical plant," Grimany said.

But she feels well prepared for either type of work. After all, she grew up the daughter of a mechanical engineer. "Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to know the purpose of things and how they function," Grimany said.

Grimany, along with her fraternal twin sister Cristina, also had another desire: to attend college in the U.S. And thanks to recruiting efforts by Terri Talbert Hatch of Engineering and Technology, both Puerto Rican natives achieved that goal.

However, the two followed different paths once on campus. "I wanted to become a mechanical engineer, while Cristina was more a 'people person,'" Grimany said. So her sister pursued organizational leadership and supervision in the technology part of the school.

"It worked out for us both," said Grimany, adding with a chuckle that "Cristina has become quite a recruiter back home, encouraging people to consider IUPUI and engineering."

Campus life at IUPUI has been a good fit for Grimany, too, she noted.

"I wanted to try all the campus activities I could," Grimany said. "That included community service work, student organizations and work experience."

During her time at IUPUI, Grimany was a vice president of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and was active in the Society of Women Engineers.

Grimany is fond of her civic engagement activities. "It's rewarding to see how you make an impact," she said. "Sometimes, you think it's not very exciting, but your are making a difference. The environment is better, and people can see what you did for them. You can see how you made a difference."