Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Kade Diallo, Woman in Engineering

November 5, 2015

Kade Diallo

Kade Diallo

Why did you decide to attend IUPUI?
I decided to attend IUPUI because it was cost-efficient, close to home, and gave me an opportunity to receive my engineering degree from  Purdue University.

How did you become interested in (BME,ME,etc.) Engineering?
I stumbled upon engineering (specifically BME) after deciding a biology major exclusively wasn't for me and I left IU. I still wanted to be in a field close to/related to the medical field so I did some research, learned about my major, and finally found a school that offered it and fit my needs.

What activities were you a part of in high school that helped prepare you for college?
In high school, I was very active. I was a part of 6-7 different clubs (Ambassador program, NHS, BPA, ect.) which really helped me get my time-management under control. My school also offered honors and AP courses, which got me used to college-paced assignments.

What was the biggest difference for you between high school and college?
The biggest difference for me between high school and college was whether you go to class or not, no one cares, because it only affects you. Also, another big surprise was that in high school studying wasn't required much to pass because simply going to class was enough; not in college.

How has your involvement outside of the classroom impacted your experience at IUPUI?
My involvement outside of class has improved my experience at IUPUI because it makes me feel as if I'm getting the whole academic college experience,

Describe a project, internship, co-op, or research experience that has been influential to your career development.
Currently I have an internship at Eugene & Marilyn Glick Eye Institute as a research intern; I applied through IUPUI's Life-Health Sciences Internship (LHSI). I really like having this outside class experience because I'm now learning/deciding ahead of time if his type of environment is what I want as a career or not.

What advice or encouragement would you give to other females considering a degree in engineering?
My advice to any female who wants to go into engineering is: DO IT!! Not just because people consider the subject to be difficult/mostly for males, but because it challenges you in ways most subjects don't. I can 100% say that I have no regrets going down this path.