Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

School of Engineering and Technology visits Malaysia

July 9, 2015

David Russomanno, dean of the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology, IUPUI, and Timothy Diemer, an international programs specialist, returned recently from a productive trip to Malaysia. The visit was centered at University Tenaga National (UNITEN), where the school and the IUPUI campus have collaborated on various projects since 1994. A curriculum installed by IUPUI experts is still used in part for engineering-degree programs at UNITEN. Ten UNITEN students will enroll in engineering degree programs at IUPUI during fall 2015, marking re activation of an articulation agreement that dates back to 1995.
Dean Russomanno and Tim Diemer also visited MARA Higher Skills College in Ledang, Johor (KKTM Ledang). Johor is the southernmost state in Malaysia, and connects to Singapore via bridge. KKTM Ledang specializes in bio instrumentation. Plans are unfolding for an articulation agreement that would allow diploma holders from KKTM Ledang to enroll in the IUPUI degree program in Healthcare Engineering Technology Management with a high rate of transfer credit. The opportunity to expand this model to other areas of technology led Tim and the dean to visit the Kuala Lumpur headquarters of MARA, a human services unit of the Malaysian government.
Dato' Shaari Md. Nor, current director of the Tenaga Foundation and an expert on higher education in Malaysia, joined the visit to MARA and helped Dean Russomanno to describe the differences between engineering and technology degrees both in Malaysia and the USA. Dato' Shaari, a long time friend of the IUPUI School of Engineering & Technology, was part of the team that worked with IUPUI in the mid 90s to install academic infrastructure for the new Malaysian university that would become UNITEN, now one of the premier destinations for engineering education in Malaysia and its region.