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IUPUI Music and Arts Technology Faculty Jordan Munson debuts interactive sound installation

April 12, 2017

Jordan Munson, Senior Lecturer of Music and Arts Technology

Jordan Munson, Senior Lecturer of Music and Arts Technology

Beneath Your Feet, I Will is an interactive sound installation housed within the Garfield Park Conservatory (2505 Conservatory Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46203). Inspired by the location and the work of sound artist Max Neuhaus, musician and sound artist Jordan Munson created a 4-channel generative soundscape to accentuate the meditative nature of the conservatory’s environment.

The work interacts with visitors so slowly change the sonic environment. Munson states, “Much like Neuhaus, the intent of the work is to create an extraordinary and surreal experience out of the ordinary and real, albeit awe-inspiring, conservatory space. This is achieved through a subtle enhancement of the natural sonic environment without framing the experience for the audience.”

The work was commissioned by Big Car Collaborative as a part of Listen: A Found Sound Exhibition. This exhibit brings together Indianapolis artists and musicians to create unique sound installations for local businesses and landmarks throughout the Garfield Park neighborhood.More information can be found at

Munson’s installation will be on display throughout the month of April during Conservatory business hours. An example of the work can be seen here:

About the Artist
Jordan Munson is a sound and video artist whose work explores memory, ephemera, and our relationship to technology. Often utilizing found media and experimental instruments, his compositions employ layered textures to build subtly changing landscapes. Munson has performed alongside artists such as Matmos, R. Luke DuBois, Bora Yoon, and Nico Muhly. With collaborators Scott Deal and Michael Drews, he is a member of the electroacoustic ensemble Big Robot.

Institutions such as the University of Kentucky, the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, and the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) have premiered his multimedia works. Munson’s video art has shown worldwide, including at the Musicacoustica Festival in Beijing, the New World Center, and The Phillips Collection.

Munson is a Lecturer in Music and Arts Technology at IUPUI, as well as an associate of the Donald Tavel Arts and Technology Research Center. He holds degrees from Indiana University in Indianapolis (M.S.M.T.) and the University of Kentucky (B.M.). Excerpts of his work can be found at