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April 9, 2019

Cori Renguette, Assistant Professor and Director of Technical Communication

Cori Renguette, Assistant Professor and Director of Technical Communication

Since its founding in 1989, FACET has served as a model for faculty development, helping shape teaching and learning at Indiana University and beyond.

One of IUPUI's campus liaisons is Cori Renguette, Assistant Professor and Director of Technical Communication with the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology.

Renguette became involved with FACET because she wanted to become more involved in collaborating and sharing ideas with other teachers. She was one of 20 faculty members inducted into the spring 2018 class at the annual retreat.

Since joining FACET, Renguette has immersed herself in a variety of events and committees. "The annual retreat in May (at the Four Winds Resort in Bloomington, IN) left me feeling inspired and excited to be a part of such a wonderful teaching-focused organization", said Renguette. "I was asked in the fall of 2018 to join Laura Romito (from the School of Dentistry) in a 3-year position as one of two IUPUI Campus Liaisons."

As part of the liaison work, Renguette attended the fall 2018 steering committee meeting and participated in the selection committee for reviewing new FACET applicants. Romito and Renguette organized a spring gathering for FACET members, hosted at EVC Kathy Johnson's home, where delicious food and drink fostered exciting conversations about active teaching.

"FACET is an organization that truly cares about helping promote excellence in teaching", stated Renguette. "The FACET events are creative, fun, and interesting." (see their website for resources at

FACET will be hosting two information sessions in 2019: one in the spring (April 30, see below) and one in the fall, where interested faculty can come learn more about FACET.

FACET will be working with the Forum to hold events in Faculty Crossing, the new Faculty collaboration space in University Library. "Anyone who is interested in improving their teaching, talking about teaching, or collaborating with other teachers can join us at the information session to learn more about FACET!" said Renguette. Visit the website at for more information.

FACET events, programs and services include, among others, the Annual Retreat, the FACET Associate Faculty and Lecturer Conference (FALCON), The FACET Leadership Institute, FACET’s peer review training and peer reviews of teaching, and with the University Graduate School, the Future Faculty Teaching Fellows program. These activities directly address IU’s priorities to serve students and foster student success and to maintain an excellent faculty.

Join FACET for lunch and conversation at the IUPUI FACET Information Session Tuesday, April 30th, noon-1pm in UL 2115E. RSVP to