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Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Barbara Christe

  • Associate Professor and Program Director, Healthcare Engineering Technology Management
  • Senior Faculty Member, University College
Barbara Christe

ET 201L


  • Marquette University, Biomedical Engineering, BSE, BA/BS, 05/1984
  • Rensselaer at Hartford, Biomedical Engineering, MSBME, MA/MS, 05/1986
  • University of Phoenix, Higher Education, PhD, Ph.D., 2013

Professional Experience

  • Clinical Engineer, University of Connecticut Health Center, 8/1984 - 6/1986

Selected Publications

  • Christe, B., Rogers, R., & Cooney, E. (2010). Analysis of the impact of a radiofrequency identification asset-tracking system in the healthcare setting. Journal of Clinical Engineering, 35(1), 49-55., 5/2010
  • Christe, Barbara. Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation: The Technology of Patient Care. Cambridge University Press, 2009., 7/2009
  • Christe B, Cooney E, Maggioli G, Doty D, Frye R, Short J. (2008) Testing potential interference with RFID usage in the patient care environment. Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology. 42(6): 479-484, 6/2008

Awards, Honors, and Certifications

  • Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology Paper of the Year, June, 2009, 5/2009
  • Abraham M. Max Distinguished Professor Award, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI, April, 2009, 5/2009


clinical engineering; the support of technology in the clinical setting; radio frequency identification (RFID) in medical applications


safe and effective patient care; freshman year experience in college