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Freshman Engineering Vision Statement

The long range goal for the Freshman Engineering Program is to increase retention of engineering students in Mechanical, Biomedical, Computer and Electrical Engineering programs and to provide students with high quality academic guidance, support and motivation for engineering study and strategies for success in upper level coursework and the engineering profession.

Freshman Engineering Mission Statement

The mission of the Freshman Engineering Program is to:

1. Help students develop strategies for success in engineering study.
2. Provide high quality academic guidance to current and prospective freshman engineering and transfer students through mentoring, tutoring and advising.
3. Assist with transfer credit evaluation and other academic procedures.
4. Increase freshman engineering enrollment through recruitment of prospective students.
5. Implement best practices in engineering through development of introductory engineering courses.

Freshman Engineering

There is a common first year curriculum for freshman engineering at IUPUI consisting of a solid core of basic courses in the physical and mathematical sciences. Students are admitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering, or to the Department of Biomedical Engineering when the freshman curriculum has been completed. In addition to other required courses, these courses are taught by Academic Advising Center faculty:

  • ENGR 19500 – Engineering First Year Seminar (Learning Community)
  • ENGR 19600 – Introduction to Engineering (3 cr.)
    Class 2, Lab 2. C: MATH 15400 or 15900 or equivalent. An overview of the engineering profession and methodologies of engineering design. Students develop skills using computer-aided design and simulation software for engineering systems. Projects and homework are implemented and tested in a laboratory environment. The course also introduces the students to standard computer application software and university network and software resources.
  • ENGR 19700 – Introduction to Computer Concepts (3 cr.)
    C: MATH 16500. Class 1, Lab 2. Basic concepts and applications of software programming for solving engineering problems. Topics include techniques for developing structured algorithms, data input and output, conditional statements, loops, recursion, functions, arrays, and elementary concepts in mathematical programming. Examples, homework, and applications of programming concepts make extensive use of the C programming language.
  • ENGR 29700 – Computer Tools for Engineering (1 cr.)
    P: ENGR 19700. Class 1. Introduction to the use of Matlab for solving engineering problems. Topics include computational methods, data input and output, plotting and curvefittting, functions, conditional statements, loops, and introduction to Matlab toolboxes.

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