Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Freshman Engineering and Technology Courses


There is a common first year curriculum for freshman engineering at IUPUI consisting of a solid core of basic courses in the physical and mathematical sciences. Students are admitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering, or to the Department of Biomedical Engineering when the freshman curriculum has been completed. In addition to other required courses, these courses are taught by Academic Advising Center faculty:

  • ENGR 19500 – First Year Engineering Projects (Intro to Engineering Profession)
  • ENGR 19600 – Introduction to Engineering
  • ENGR 19700 – Introduction to Computer Programming
  • ENGR 29700 – Computer Tools for Engineering

Themed Learning Community: What is a Themed Learning Community?

A Themed Learning Community or TLC is a group of 3-5 classes connected by a theme in which students enroll together. TLC faculty work together to coordinate their classes so that what students are learning in one class relates to another. As TLC students take the group of classes together, students quickly make new friends, form study groups, get to know faculty and staff and learn how to get the most from their college experience. TLCs include exciting opportunities to learn both in and outside of the classroom.


  • TECH 10200 – First Year Seminar for Technology Majors