Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Graduation Information

Graduation Application Process

  • Student submits Application for Graduation to the Recorder’s Office.
  • Recorder’s Office creates a graduation file.
  • Recorder’s Office sets the student in tentative graduation status in SIS and in the ET Student Database.
  • Recorder’s Office prints the degree progress report (audit) cover sheet and forwards to respective departments.
  • A designated person or persons in each department review/approve the student’s record for graduation.
  • The degree progress report (audit) is reviewed and course directives are loaded as needed.
  • A decision is made to either approve or deny the student for graduation.  The cover sheet and audit returned to the Recorder’s Office by the deadline.
  • After final grades are posted, graduation files are reviewed one last time by the Recorder’s Office (award degree, deny degree, move tentative degree status to the next graduation period).
  • Recorder’s Office calculates and posts honors.
  • The diploma order is placed by the Recorder’s Office to the Registrar.