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Honors Minor in Leadership

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The Honors Minor in Leadership consists of five courses (15 credit hours), providing high-potential IUPUI undergraduates admitted to the IUPUI Honors College and other degree programs exposure to current theory and practice designed to prepare students for future leadership roles and/or advanced degrees. Students admitted to the Honors Minor must take a sequence of courses to explore topics in the interdisciplinary principles of leadership.

This Honors Minor reflects the truly interdisciplinary aspects of leadership and incorporates appropriate coursework from across the IUPUI inventory of classes. Further, this Minor is flexible enough to accommodate a wide array of high-potential undergraduate students pursuing diverse fields of study. It also provides a unifying RISE experience related to leadership, either within a student’s discipline, in another discipline, or through interdisciplinary inquiry.

Students are expected to meet with their Honors Academic Advisor to review minor guidelines and discuss appropriate courses within and outside of their major. All eligible Honors students must submit the application/completion paperwork for the Honors Minor in Leadership to the program director in Organizational Leadership (ET 331) at least 1 full semester prior to completion of undergraduate coursework at IUPUI.

Academic requirements for approval into the minor include:

  • 3.5 cumulative GPA from IUPUI
  • Full-time enrollment in baccalaureate degree program on IUPUI campus
  • Ability to complete the 15.0 credit hour minor along with other school and program requirements (see approved course list).
  • Ability to successfully complete a minimum of 6.0 credit hours outside of their discipline (major).
  • Ability to participate in a RISE Honors Experience for credit (study abroad, internship, service learning, etc.).

The Honors Minor in Leadership is a 15-credit minor with five leadership principles as a framework. Students take one course related to each principle in order to complete the minor. Since this is an Honors Minor, students are expected to take the Honors section of available courses, or complete an Honors Contract for other sections. Additionally, students are expected to maintain a B average (3.0) in all courses, as well as maintain a B average (3.0).

Interdisciplinary Leadership Principle:

Topics Include:

Foundations of Leadership
(3 credits)

The principles and purposes of leadership in organizational settings, with a focus on analyzing the individual, work team, and macro-level environments.

Ethical, Social, and Political Components to Leadership
(3 credits)

Decision-making in leadership that involves ethical, social, and/or political considerations. Emphasis is placed on understanding the leader’s role in identifying, communicating, and analyzing leadership issues, decisions, and consequences.

Diversity, Global, and Community Leadership
(3 credits)

An understanding of and appreciation for leadership exhibited in a variety of diverse contexts. Particular emphasis is placed on the local and global interconnectedness of various leadership issues.

Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Leadership
(3 credits)

The strategic nature of leadership, with an emphasis on integration, application, and the translation of leadership theory into practice.

Honors RISE Experience in Leadership
(3 credits)

Research, International, Service, or Experiential learning with a specific focus on leadership.

For more information, please contact the IUPUI Honors College:

Shane Collins M.S. Ed., Assistant Director/Honors Minor Advisor
IUPUI Honors College
755 W. Michigan Street, UL 0124C
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Organizational Leadership (OLS)
Phone: (317) 278-1313